Every year the BKEC fully funds the Math & Language Arts Intervention Program.  There are four intervention teachers who work with very small groups of students that need an extra boost to be successful in their regular classroom.  Some students receive assistance for both Math and Language Arts.

Intervention is important to the success of all students because the teacher is able to focus on teaching the entire class, and not take valuable class time away re-teaching students who need extra individual attention.  Those students that need extra help, extra time, or re-teaching get the extra help.

Students receive intervention for 40 minutes, two times a week for intense Math assistance, and/or 40 minutes twice a week for intense Language Arts assistance based on teacher recommendations (and parental agreement).

The support given to Math students is teacher provided and parallels the regular classroom curriculum, so what students are learning with their classroom teacher, we are supporting, re-teaching when necessary and always emphasizing major concepts.  The support given in Language Arts is focused on the overall foundation, the basics that individual students need to be successful in Language Arts.  Focus is on reading fluency and comprehension, phonics, writing basics and verbalizing/communicating.  Additionally, teachers delve into important problem-solving and test-taking strategies.

Being able to work with students at this nearly individualized level is very important for those who need it.  This program is an integral part of the student success we see at Brook Knoll.  We are grateful for the BKEC parent club who funds this program year after year.