Program Overview

The vision of the Knoll Gardens project is to create a fully-equipped outdoor laboratory where students learn many subjects in an integrated curriculum. Our main Life Lab consists of 13 raised beds, an outside classroom, potting table, sink with cabinet, storage, citrus trees, and other native plants to help students experience nature close-up. With the help of our garden coordinators, the Life Lab program allows children to develop their green thumbs directly and actively in the Knoll Gardens through a 12 week curriculum of planting, weeding, harvesting, and even tasting what they grow.

Integrated Next Generation Science Standards support many subjects like math, science, art, health, and physical education. The curriculum includes lessons in caring for the environment, creating a sustainable garden, and nutrition education. We at Brook Knoll want to connect our kids to the source of their food so they can learn about healthy garden practices, natural pest control, plant life-cycles, water cycles, composting, and different nutrient sources to feed the garden and, in doing so, help make our school, community, and world a better place.

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