Please consider becoming part of this monumental journey with Brook Knoll!  There are many different ways you can get involved hands on or behind the scenes. Get outside, learn something new and cultivate connections with our amazing community!

  • Communications/ Volunteer Coordinator/ Budget- Bethany Jensen: Communicates to/ from PTO.  Develops budget for materials based on curriculum.  Organizes volunteers to facilitate fundraising and maintenance.
  • Maintenance Coordinator- Amy Coutu: Develop and implement a monthly and annual maintenance plan
  • Teacher Lead- Jen Woelfel: Communicates to/from teaching staff & curriculum coordinator.  Helps facilitate feedback on program & format
  • Curriculum Coordinator- Cassie Timmer: Sources materials and organizes curriculum between Garden Coordinator, Teacher Lead & Classroom Garden Volunteers.  Designs growing plan by garden plot to ensure growth during Fall & Spring lesson periods.
  • Fundraising/ Grants Lead- Nanette Blackburn: Develops fundraising and submits grants to fund the Knoll Garden program.
  • Community Partnerships/ Sponsors Lead- Omar Devlin: Develops relationships to help source materials/ labor/ guest teachers and sponsorship opportunities within Knoll Gardens.
  • Special Events- Sara Balla & Kerri Kerls: Plans special fundraising events including Friday Farmers Markets, farm to table dinners, etc.
  • You!: Let us know how you would like to be involved and we’ll create a spot for you! Email us today!