Welcome Back to the 2020-2021 School year!

What a wild ride this summer has been awaiting, all the news to see what school will look like this Fall.  During these unprecedented times, please know that your BKEC PTO is here to support and serve you as we all begin the year online.  This year’s theme will be about building resilience and adaptability for our children, parents, and teachers

This year, due to COVID, the PTO will not be able to do the fundraising events that we have traditionally done in the past.  We have been working hard this summer to significantly reduce our budget, while still finding a way to offer the programs to fit the unique needs for this year.  We are being fiscally responsible, while also providing much-needed support. This new budget will have an estimated cost of $275 per child for all the student enrichment programs provided by the PTO.

We are asking for a $150 donation per child this year to help cover the cost of this much needed online instructional support. 

The PTO has been working closely with Principal Wahl to coordinate supplemental online enrichment programs that will enhance the online instruction experience for our children.  The following PTO-supported programs will be offered for the duration of the school year.

We realize things have been difficult for some, but we hope that those who have the means to do so will consider being especially generous with your donations during these trying times, and consider sponsoring another child or two (or more!). In addition, as part of our Direct Donation Drive, we are including the opportunity for families to donate $500 or $1,000 to have their family’s name on one of the garden beds or metal barrels located in the Knoll Gardens.  We have 9 garden beds available for sponsorship ($1,000 each) and 20 slots available on 5 metal barrels ($500 each).

Due to the effects of COVID, you may be eligible for the free/reduced lunch program. Please verify if you are eligible and complete the enclosed form. The school is funded based on the percentage of those who return these forms and qualify.  It is completely confidential. Even if  you are unable to donate directly to the PTO, PLEASE turn in the form as you will be helping the school receive funds. 

Many companies offer corporate matching programs, so please inquire with your company and include this information with your direct donation. We appreciate your much-needed support.

Sincerely, Your BKEC PTO Board

Marina Eyre – President

Ashley Perlitch – Correspondence Secretary 

Lindsey Rice – SVEF Representative

Gus Balla – Teacher Rep

Joshua Wahl- Principal  

Nicole Mace- Vice President

Trina Reddall – Treasurer

Liz Drago- Recording Secretary

Kari Thornely- Teacher Rep