Grade Level Curriculum Goals

Or- What each student should know at the end of each year in the garden…

What plants need to grow
Benefits of mulch/compost
Water is a finite resource
3rd Grade
How to measure and record patterns of weather over time.
Climate- the average weather of a region over time- has various effects on plants and animals. Food availability, reproduction, shelter.
A healthy soil retains water and nutrients, is porous, contains organic matter, and is habitat for fungus, bacteria and invertebrates.
1st Grade
Six plant parts
Plant life cycle
Vermiculture Basics (worms help turn plants back into soil)
4th Grade
Resources are finite.
Systems conserve their limited resources by recycling them.
Nutrient cycle
Water cycle
2nd Grade
Pollinators help spread pollen so that fruits and vegetables can grow
Observation skills: attention, inspection and consideration
Biodiversity is variety. It fosters adaptation and creates a strong ecosystem.
5th Grade
Climate Change is how the earth’s normal climate patterns are rapidly changing primarily as a result of human activities.
We can take action and influence our communities to help protect the earth’s resources and environment.