Welcome to Brook Knoll Eagle Connection

Welcome to the 2020/21 School Year!

The PTO has been working hard this summer to alter our budget and programs to fit the needs of our students with this new online instruction experience.  We have an amazing Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at our school and it’s called The Brook Knoll Eagle Connection (BKEC). Our mission is to support the education of students at Brook Knoll through fundraising efforts and by fostering positive and productive relationships among family, staff, and community members.  This is a year for our students, parents, and staff to build resilience and adaptability. 

Scotts Valley is the lowest funded district in Santa Cruz County and the 6th lowest funded school district in the state of California.  Despite this, Brook Knoll is a California Distinguished School due in part to community involvement and support. 

Through our fundraising efforts, BKEC is able to provide enriching online programs for our 500 students that are not funded through the state. It costs about $275 per student to fund online classroom aides, online math & reading intervention, code naturally, Art In Action online curriculum, online music lessons, & online garden lessons. To support at home art instruction the PTO is funding individual Art Supply kits for each student.  Students will be able to complete art projects at home with instruction from their teachers online.

For the 2020-2021 upcoming school year, the PTO plans to fund these programs:

Online Reading & Math Intervention & Instructional Aides

Art in Action- Home Art Kits and Online Art Curriculum



Online Code Naturally/Computer Lab 

Knoll Garden Google Classroom 

Teacher Support ($300 for each teacher)   

Scholarships/ Special Requests / Special Events 

Mileage Club

Science Fair




$ 8,000







BKEC brought back the garden and rebuilt the track and field! Without PTO funds and volunteers BK would not have a track and field or a garden.  The PTO also funded new upper-grade lunch tables. The PTO does so much to support our children’s education and environment giving them opportunities for learning and growth they would otherwise not have.   

BKEC also relies heavily on parent involvement. Please be generous in your direct donations this year, as we will be unable to do our many other fundraisers. We want to maintain the support that our school desperately needs.   Get involved, donate, and be a part of your child’s elementary school experience!

On behalf of the BKEC Board, Welcome to this historic 2020/21 School year!


Marina Eyre,
Your PTO President